Important Business Tips for People with Disabilities

Offer Valid: 07/09/2023 - 07/10/2025

Living with a disability is hard. Being an entrepreneur with a disability can be even harder. But with the increase of work-from-home options and digital opportunities, it can be easier than ever to start your own business. If you're a person with disabilities who is considering ways to explore your passions while making a living, the Colleyville Chamber of Commerce shares a few things to consider as you begin to build your business.

Online Presence and Branding

Databox notes that one way to drive attention to your new business and gain an authentic following is to build a quality website. Making your website a priority and hiring professionals to help you with design work or using professional template programs can be great ways to introduce your brand to the world. 

Strong Business Plan

When starting your business, SCORE points out that it's a good idea to have a solid business plan behind you. Your business plan should describe your company's goals, structure, and overall mission, or what you hope to offer customers. This plan should include information on how you'll market your business, financial projections, and any roles people involved with your business will have. If you’re having difficulty navigating this part of the process, reach out to pros who can lend a hand

Business Structure

Choosing a business structure is a crucial decision for any entrepreneur or small business owner. It determines how the business will be taxed, managed, and legally protected. One popular business structure is forming an LLC, which can provide personal asset protection, flexibility in management, and potential tax advantages. Check the rules in your state before moving ahead with establishing your LLC. 

Social Media and Marketing

As you work out the details of your business plan and website, consider ways you'll reach your target audience through social media. In an online-driven economy, it's important to identify your potential customers. This may mean taking a look at various social media platforms and making determinations about the right platforms for you. Start by connecting with others in your area or state. If you live in Texas, for example, begin by following similar companies in your area. 

One way to build an organic following is to enable potential customers to feel like they know you or are a part of your story. By talking about your experiences as a business owner, you can find support and create a network by opening day. Even before you have your website up, consider inviting your audience into your plans by posting about goals and big announcements. When you’re generating content that uses text and graphics to post to social media and other platforms, file size is always a concern due to upload speeds and other constraints, which is why many people use PDFs. Chances are you’ll end up with multiple PDFs, and when you need to combine them into one file, you can use this tool to help you merge PDF files.

Funding and Grant Opportunities

As a person with a disability, it might be a good idea to reach out to your state employment agency for funding options specific to people with disabilities. Check in with your local Chamber of Commerce to explore grant opportunities that might help get you started. Veterans and people receiving disability payments are often eligible for grant funding to support the process of transitioning into business ownership. The Small Business Administration is another great place to check.

Reaching Your Dreams

At the end of the day, it’s all about you making your dreams a reality. Remember to have a strong online presence, write a well-conceived business plan, choose a business structure, develop a strategy for using the latest apps and other technology, and seek out funding sources. The increasing acceptance of working remotely and running a successful business as a person with disabilities can be extremely rewarding with the right mindset.

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